A Survival Guide: Momma Edition

A Survival Guide: Momma Edition.

Survival Guide: Momma Edition - http://thelittlemomma.com

Disclaimer- I’m just an everyday mom trying to learn what it means to be a loving mother, wife, and daughter of the our Creator. 

Being a momma is hard work. It’s a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Before I was a momma, it was easy for me to look at other people’s situations and think, “when I’m a mom that’s not going to happen.” or “why is she doing that?” or “my kid will never have a melt down in public.”

To the outsider, being a momma looks like easy work. I mean, all mommas do is just take care of their kids, right? And for those who stay at home, all they do is take care of their kids at home and must have loads of free time to do just whatever they want. You don’t have to think about the time it takes to prepare their food and feed them, clean them up, make sure their diapers are clean, putting them down for a nap, make sure the house isn’t a total wreck from toys or other things children manage to do, or packing the diaper bag full of all the necessary things to keep them from having a melt down in public, and discipling when necessary. That’s just momma life.

Aside from momma life, they may have a husband or other family that they may need to tend to. So maintaining a healthy marriage is very important!

And on top of all this, every momma should make time for Jesus! How often we find ourselves struggling to make time for just a few moments of the One who gave us another day.

So here I have a few Survival Guide tips that were inspired by some friends to help the everyday momma cherish those small moments of being a momma and how to get through those hard moments.

Survival Guide

Desperation Dinner

Desperation Dinners are a MUST HAVE. Seriously. Sometimes, you have moments where you’ve eaten up all the food in your fridge but you just don’t have any time to go to the grocery store. That is where these desperation dinners come in. Now, I’m definitely not an advocate for frozen meals. But having a bag of frozen chicken nuggets, burgers, vegetables, or frozen homemade soup, can make do in a pinch. Plus, if you have friends over, you’d have a little extra to feed them too!

Crock Pot meals are also a huge help! Just throw everything in and wait a few hours and BAM, dinner is served.

Quick Get-Ready Routine

A quick get ready routine is essential for every momma out there. Or even for the working mommas too. Sometimes it’s just a 5-10 minute make up routine, cute outfit, and go-to pair of shoes and hair style. A brush of good foundation to make my face look like one color and mascara so I don’t look sickly makes the difference when I’m going out and running errands. Something simple and quick so you are more put together and ready to tackle your day.

Devotional Time

Devotional Time is so important for everyone. Not just mommas. Time in the Word is always refreshing and helps to get your mind and heart focused on Christ. It can help to encourage you when you have a frustrating moment that comes up later on that day. But it also helps you to take joy in the everyday things of life, knowing that each and every thing we experience is a blessing from God.

Camera/Journal for “First Things”

Little ones grow up so fast and they are learning new things all the time. It’s helpful to have a camera/journal to document all of the “First Things”/milestones that your little one does. For me, I take probably way too photos of my little one  (you can look at my phone… I’m already pushing storage capacity.) but I’ve also written his milestones down in a journal. It’s helpful when you go to your doctor’s office and they ask you about certain milestones. I’ve heard older moms wishing that they had written their children’s milestones down so they can remember those things but also tell their children when they get older.


A good pair of comfortable shoes (and cute too!) is great to have especially when your little one starts walking. All the better to go on walks or catch your little one as they run around! I could go into so much detail here on why having good shoes is important but I’ll save that for another post.


Having a good bag is so helpful! If you read my other post, I talk all about having a good diaper bag. Having a useful, larger bag to carry both kid and momma friendly things is super necessary. Try using a larger tote or bucket bag instead of a “diaper bag” to carry everything together.

Time For Yourself

Time for yourself is important. There are times when it’s helpful just to have a few moments to collect your thoughts. Whether it’s a devotional time, using the bathroom without any interruptions, or going for a walk/run, it helps to have time to refocus and keep your head on straight.

Being a Momma is hard work but it’s such a great blessing. And of course this Survival Guide: Momma Edition could list many more things, these are the essentials. Cherish all the momma moments that you can!

~The Little Momma

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