The Momma Dream

Teacher, chef, doctor, lawyer, firefighter, President, and Scientist are some popular jobs that people want to be when “they grow up”. For me, none of those jobs ever stood out to me. Sometimes, I thought “oh, being a teacher would be nice or maybe a chef would be really neat” but as I got older I knew what I wanted to be. In college I was always debating on what I should study…business, math, foreign language, nutrition, education??…you name it, I probably considered it. So, what would be the right fit for me?

Well, easy to say I love food and I enjoy education so I went the nutrition education route and it was a perfect fit for me. But all during that time, my dream was to graduate, marry the man of my dreams and become a mom. Sometimes when people asked me what I wanted to be, I was hesitant to say a mom, but now I realize what a blessing it is to be one. Not everyone gets that chance. There is much lack of sleep, free time, and spontaneity but it is such a joy to be a mom. How much fun is it to watch something that started out as small as a grain of sand grow to be as big as we are?! How cool is it that we get a glimpse to see how Christ loves His children?! It causes me to be in awe.


It’s not everyone’s dream but it’s my dream and I’m trying┬áto cherish every moment.

Momma Dream

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