Meal Planning

What’s for dinner? That’s a question I ask myself almost everyday. Not to mention, sometimes you have your hubby or friends ask you what’s on the menu.

Instead of not knowing what’s for dinner, create a meal plan that way you can at least have an idea of what you’ll be cooking! For my family, I make a meal plan consisting of 6 meals and a day for leftovers, or a day out depending on what we’re in the mood for or what our budget looks like.

Key things to remember when planning meals are: having a set budget for however often you shop, look at what’s on sale in the store’s circulars, think of different ways to use an ingredient, and be creative. 

Recently, I was introduced to Aldi, a supermarket that is cheaper than many other grocery stores out there, and it saved us $66 on our grocery budget! Crazy! I talk about grocery stores because it’s so helpful if you plan your weekly meals with what’s on sale that week at the store. It often reflects what fruits and vegetables are in season. Plus you save extra $$ that you can use elsewhere! Another thing to consider when meal planning is to think about how many ways you can use an ingredient. For example if you buy a bag of frozen chicken, think of how many dishes you could make from that bag. You can make chicken enchiladas and chicken sandwiches or roasted chicken and veggies. Or if you buy a bag of sweet potatoes, you can make sweet potato fries and baked sweet potatoes the next or dice them up and throw them in a soup. And remember to BE CREATIVE!  You are the chef! Don’t be scared to throw some ingredients together. Try it and if it’s not what you were hoping for the first time, try  it again a different way the next time. Chef’s don’t make delicious food the first time they create a recipe!

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