Humble Little Garden

I am just too excited to share about our humble little garden. It’s small and quaint. And really it’s just some plants and herbs in terra cotta pots. But it’s so wonderful!

Humble Little Garden -

We’ve attempted a garden for a couple years now but have had no luck. Because well, things just don’t grow without sun. But we have finally found a place that receives a good amount of sun!


In our humble little garden we have a Roma tomato plant, lettuce (which to be honest, I’m not sure we should have planted in such a small pot but it’s growing), oregano, and rosemary.

Humble Little Garden - Roma Tomatoes. Humble Little Garden - Roma Tomatoes on the vine.


We use these ingredients in a lot of our cooking so we thought we should go ahead and grow them! It’s our very mini farm to table kind of experience.

Roma tomatoes are good for salsas, sandwiches, or salads. I love to use them in sausage egg vegetables breakfast bowls! These are my favorite kind of tomatoes because they’re not too juicy. They’re crisp and delicious. You can also throw in some fresh oregano in there too to add some extra flavor.

Fresh + Tasty + Good For You.

Humble Little Garden - Growing oregano!

We only have two herbs right now. But I think we will have to add more soon. Not pictured are the lettuce and rosemary. They’re still working on growing nice and tall. But when that lettuce is making good progress, you better believe that I’m going to add it to all my salads and even make lettuce wraps!

So be encouraged that wherever you live, you too can have a garden! No matter how small! Just grab some medium to large pots, fresh gardening soil, and seeds or sprouts of whatever plants or herbs you want. Make sure to have a decent amount of sun exposure. Otherwise, your plants will struggle to grow. Water them when necessary. For ours, we water about once a week. And recently we’ve gotten a lot of rain so watering them hasn’t been all that necessary.

Excited to grow our garden!!! Hope your garden is thriving too!




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