A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things - A list of a few helpful things from cooking, running, momma items and the everyday. http://thelittlemomma.com

Brown paper packages tied up with strings are definitely some of my favorite things! But as a momma and food blogger, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things with you. Not all of them are food related so if you think this isn’t for you, think again! Maybe you’ll find some last minute gift ideas for a special someone! Just sayin’.  (I am not compensated for any item listed here. They are simply to share some of my favorite things with you using my own opinion.)

My favorite things for cooking:

1. Parchment Paper

Parchment paper has been a huge life saver for me. It makes the difference between burnt and delicious cookies, really. I didn’t realize that it would make such a difference until I was making a cookie recipe and it noted to use parchment paper. Best thing ever. Sometimes it’s hard to find, but worth it when baking yummy desserts especially if you don’t have the silicone baking sheets.

2. Crock Pot

Friends, a crock pot is one of the best things you could ever own. It makes cooking dinner easier. You just grab a few ingredients and pour into the crock pot and let it do all the work. If you’re looking for some ideas, my Slow Cooker Tomato Acorn Squash Soup and Slow Cooker Quinoa Vegetable Chicken Soup are a great place to start. Perfect for working and busy people alike.

3. Dutch Oven

Dutch Ovens are great to have because they cook up soups and stews perfectly. And if you’re anything like us, we make soups on the regular here. Great for budgets and can make enough to last for leftovers.

My favorite things for running:

4. Dri-Fit Half Zip Polyester Pull Over (I have a Nike one that I love, but there are great other brands too.)

This Pull Over is a great, especially during the colder days when you’re exercising outside. The one I have is great because it allows for air to flow through well. For the most part, it blocks out wind, and it works great for layering. Another great thing is that it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a lot of “extra” weight.

5. Dri-Fit Nylon Running Pants/Tights

This is one of my favorite exercising apparels. These are comfortable and are great to help keep your legs warm when running outside when it’s cold outside. I also love how mine have a smaller pocket at the waist to hold keys. Don’t you find it hard to run or exercise when you have to hold your keys, phone, ID, water and whatever else you may carry? I’ve learned to just go with my phone and keys. Much easier. Another thing that I’ve found helpful is to tie my keys to my shoelaces and tuck the keys under the laces. A great way to keep your keys on your person but leaving you handsfree.

My favorite go-tos:

6. Chocolate

Chocolate is a girl’s best friend, right?! At least for this girl, right here, it is. Anything chocolate, especially dark chocolate is my go-to. I was recently introduced to Justin’s (very similar to Reese’s, but organic) and they are DELICIOUS! I’m working on ways to make eating chocolate a bit healthier, so be on the lookout for healthier chocolate recipes.

7. Coffee

Y’all, anyone who knows me most likely knows that I am a coffee lover. Black and strong is the way to go. Decaf or caffeinated is great. Iced or hot. French Press, Pour Over, freshly brewed, all of it is wonderful. A simple warm cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon brightens my day. In case you’re wondering, I am a personal fan of medium to dark roast coffees. There isn’t particular brand that I love because I love lots! Local coffees are always great tasting and you’re supporting local businesses! Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods also have a good coffee selection too depending on what type of coffee drinker you are.

My favorite Momma things:

8. Nose Frieda

Okay, for those of you who’ve seen this product but haven’t used, please hear me out. When you first see this product, you may think that it’s disgusting. Honestly, when I first saw the product that was my reaction. My husband was the one who actually had to use it first just to prove that my son’s snot wouldn’t be coming into his mouth. (Yes, you read that correctly.) But now that I’ve used this product, it’s one of the best products that you can have when you’re little one isn’t feeling well. Instead of using a hand suction to remove mucous from your baby’s nose, you remove it with the Nose Frieda. The first time may be a bit hesitant, but once you realize how much mucous you are able to remove, you will be looking for it the next time you spot a runny nose.

9. Rain Rain Sound Machine App

White noise has been so helpful for our baby. We were desperate in the early days of our little one to get him to sleep. We tried almost anything that we could to get him to sleep. White noise was recommended but we didn’t have a white noise machine. But thanks to modern technology, we were able just to download an app on our phones for white noise. It’s been working beautifully ever since. We’ve had 2 different white noise apps, but the Rain Rain Sound Machine has been the best. There several different types of outdoor noises that have helped our baby (and us, really) sleep. Great to block out other sounds in and around your home or apartment.

Side note- This package was so easy to wrap too and super inexpensive. Grab yourself a brown paper bag from a local grocery store, twine, and some paper to create a gift tag. Wrap the paper around the gift. Tie string around the wrapper package several times and finish off with a handmade tag. Cute, festive, and heartfelt.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Wishing you all are very Merry Christmas and wonderful Holiday Season!


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