7 Things Every First Time Mom Needs

All of these products listed are not sponsored and are of my own opinion. Hopefully they are things that also help you! 

It’s been a year since I’ve been a momma and I have to say it’s been a wonderful year. Lots of learning, for sure. And lots of realizing that motherhood is harder than I thought. But it’s such a joy to watch the little guy grow! I wouldn’t want to imagine life any different.

In my year of motherhood, I have thought of seven things that have helped me so much. To any future  first time moms, this is for you. You experienced moms already know the ins and outs of how things work, but if you have any additional encouragement for these moms, be sure to comment below. Encouragement is definitely SUPER important for any mom, but especially first time moms.

7 Things Every First Time Mom Needs - Essential items that make momma life easier! http://thelittlemomma.com

Okay, so besides the main things you need like a reliable carseat, stroller, diapers, wipes, and clothes, this is the list:

7 Things Every First Time Mom Needs - 7 simple things that every mom needs to make life a little easier. http://thelittlemomma.com


1. Baby Carrier

You’ll find that wearing your baby is an absolute necessity. Though you may want to cuddle and hold your baby because he or she’s so cute, there are times where you have to get things done. For me, wearing my baby while doing household chores was great. It kept him from crying and he got his momma snuggles. Sometimes he even fell asleep, which was a win for both of us! I have an Ergobaby and a Moby wrap. They are both good depending in what you’re doing. The Ergobaby is easier to put on because it buckles around the hips and behind the shoulders. Plus there are many different ways to wear your baby in it. My husband isn’t ashamed to carry our baby in either wrap.

2.Good Breastfeeding Necessities

This is a broader category but definitely an absolute necessity. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, then be sure to read this section. Breastfeeding may look easier than it seems, but for me it was difficult. Once I found the right things that were comfortable and effective, breastfeeding got much easier. So if you plan on breastfeeding your baby, you’ll want to get nipple cream, nursing pads, nursing tank tops, a good pump (I won’t address the pump here, but be sure to get one that works for you!) and breastmilk bags.

Mother’s Love nipple cream is organic and is WONDERFUL. Seriously, it helps to heal all the cracks and irritation that come with breastfeeding. It’s a bit pricey but definitely worth it. In my personal opinion, it worked way better for me than the Lansinoh cream.

Bamboobies nursing pads are a dream to wear. Perfect for sensitive skin, like myself. And they are thin and actually don’t leak. They also don’t show through your clothes and they fit behind your clothing nicely. They have an overnight pair (which is the main reason I got them) and you won’t wake up in a puddle of breastmilk. Huge win! This too is a bit pricey but WELL worth the investment.

Gilligan O’Malley nursing tanks tops are a great brand to wear during nursing days. They are comfortable to wear and easy to maneuver. It opens and closes similar to a nursing bra, so during those early nursing days, it’s a perfect thing to wear. Works well to wear underneath clothing and comes in all kinds of colors and are inexpensive. I think they are great to sleep in too. Be sure to get more than one for when the other gets dirty.

Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags are a good brand of bags to store milk. I have a Medela breast pump, which has worked great for me. When I started pumping, I used Medela bags but I found that the milk got freezer burnt in my freezer using those bags. I researched other bags that would store milk well and several people recommended the Lansinoh ones. After trying them out, I definitely agree. They are my favorite bags to store milk and a great way from having your milk have the freezer burnt taste and smell.

3. Good Diaper Bag

Having a good diaper bag is so important. As a momma you’re carrying things you need and things your baby needs. I’ve seen some moms carry large tote bags as their diaper bags and they are really cute. You will need something that’s easy for you to carry and large enough to hold your baby’s basic necessities (ie. diapers, wipes, clothes, snacks, etc.). There are plenty of cute diaper bags out there, but don’t purchase one based solely on looks. Be sure it’s spacious enough to fit your needs. I currently have an Eddie Bauer diaper bag that I really enjoy using. It zips closed and has several pockets. Occasionally I’ll switch to a tote bag if I’m going out somewhere and want something a little extra cute.

4. Changing Pad (1 waterproof cover & 1 travel pad)

Changing Pads definitely make mom life a little easier, at least for me. A friend recommended that I get a waterproof changing pad when I was expecting and it has come in handy! This is great for the  pee and poop accidents that are sure to come. You can wipe off the mess instead of having to remove the cover and wash it every single time.

A travel changing pad is a great thing to have because you can break it out whenever you need to change your baby’s diaper. Many public restrooms have changing stations, but they don’t have pads. So to keep it on the more sanitary side, having a travel changing pad in case of accidents is great. You can use it in the car, public places, and even on your own floor!

5. Receiving Blankets

I underestimated the importance of having receiving blankets when I was pregnant. I definitely needed more than one pack of them and quickly learned you can’t really have too many. Plus if you don’t end up using all the ones you receive, save them or next baby or donate to a Pregnancy Resource center. Use them for spit up, wiping up messes, wiping noses, and much much more. I think having more receiving blankets is more beneficial than having burp clothes. There are larger and hold up for a longer period of time. There are several different types out there but the cotton ones have worked great for me and are relatively inexpensive.

6. High Chair

A high chair isn’t something you need right away. But once your baby starts to eat solid food, it makes things much easier. I highly recommend Antilop high chair from IKEA. It’s super inexpensive and it’s easy to put together. You can easily wipe it down to clean and doesn’t take up too much space wherever you decide to put it in your home. Another plus- it’s great for traveling. Simply pop off the legs and sit the chair part in your trunk wherever you go.

Another great option is the Fisher Price Booster Seat. You place it on your chair and buckle it onto a regular table chair. It’s small and you can take it anywhere. It’s easy to clean too, which is always good!

7. Encouragement

Last, but certainly not the least is encouragement. Any new mom or any mom can always use encouragement (no matter the age of the child(ren)). Whether it’s saying that she’s doing a great job, giving a hug, or coming over even when her house’s a mess with a meal or coffee or chocolate will mean the world. Encourage those around you and show how much they are appreciated. Even the smallest thing can make such a difference in someone’s day.

Whew… that was a lot. Apologies for the long post but I hope this is helpful for any first time moms out there who may come across this. Being a first time mom can be overwhelming but it’s such a joy! Be encouraged that what you’re doing/will be doing will be good. Such a blessing it is to have children!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!



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