Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

This yummy Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash is finally here! It’s a great way to change up your everyday breakfast routine. Did I mention that it’s gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free?!

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash - An easy dairy and gluten-free way to breakfast. Savory, packed with protein and vegetables and all around deliciousness. http://thelittlemomma.com

I’ve been meaning to post this recipe sooner but I’ve had to make some tweaks along the way. And most of the time I cook, I don’t measure. So when I decide to post something onto the blog, I try to recreate what I made measuring the ingredients that I used. Sometimes this takes a few tries. But it’s here for you now!

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Homemade Orange Balls

This has been a cold winter with lots of snow! At least for where we live. All this snow makes me think of these Homemade Orange Balls.

Homemade Orange Balls - Nourishing Plate Series. A sweet, simple, yet delicious treat made by my sweet Grandma. http://thelittlemomma.com

Don’t they look a little like snow balls?

Well, I’m starting off the Nourishing Plates series with these yummy Homemade Orange Balls. Recipe courtesy is from my Grandma, who was kind to let me share it! These have become a favorite of some members of my family! And hopefully yours too, when you try them. Whenever we have them around, they get gone quick!

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favorite mom and kid books

I’m not much of a reader. But recently, I have come to love a good book. A short one, of course.

Favorite Mom and Kid Books - A short list of our favorite books. Give them a read. You will enjoy them! http://thelittlemomma.com

Guess it all stems from when my husband and I were able to read books together in the evening. You may be thinking “oh, that’s so cute, you read together” or “that’s weird, why would anyone do that?”. But it was really a sweet time. He read me the whole Harry Potter series which I had never read in its entirety. And I have to say it’s rather good. I won’t spoil it here for any of you who haven’t read them.

Ever since then, I’ve been on a reading kick. A small one. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite books along with our favorite kids books that we have so far.

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Reflecting on 2017

As I am reflecting on 2017, drinking a delicious cup of coffee (it seems to be one of my favorite afternoon things to do), I first want to thank each and every one of you who have been so faithful in trying some recipes, following me on social media, reading my blog posts, and just encouraging me every step of the way.

Reflecting on 2017 - Drinking coffee, thankful for this past year and all that God has done. http://thelittlemomma.com

Y’all ARE great.

So looking back, there was a slow start to the year because I struggling during the first trimester of my second child. Food was not at all appetizing then so there were very few recipes posted during that time. If I’m honest, my diet consisted primarily of frozen sausage biscuits. Not at all healthy, but all I could keep down at that time. But we’re much better. Haven’t had a sausage biscuit since.

Once Spring rolled around I was able to start making more recipes and trying new things. Then we found that we were expecting a boy! How exciting?!?!

Summer quickly came and went. Our family did some traveling and got to see some friends and family, which was so refreshing! The end of Summer and Fall were some of the biggest growth for this little blog.

Also in Fall our baby boy arrived! So precious he was and still is.

Now it’s Winter! It feels as if the year has gone by so very fast.

I’m also starting a new series next year called Nourishing Plates where I feature one of your recipes every month. So excited to share your recipes and stories to show how food can nourish us in so many different ways. If you have one to share, send it my way! I can’t have too many recipes!

Everyday I am learning more and more about the blogging world. Learning more about food photography, recipe development, nutrition, cooking techniques, and so much more. So many different recipes I’ve made and more that I want to try! If you’re curious about what some of the Top Posts are for this blog, here are the top 3:

Some friends have told me that they love these recipes too (y’all are the sweetest, truly):

If you try a recipe feel free to comment and let me know what you think! It’s always so great to hear from you!

So excited to watch how this grows and to grow along with you all! Is there anything you want to see in 2018? More recipes? More of mom life? Nutritional information with recipes? How tos? Or any other ideas? Please comment on this post or feel free to head on over to my contact page and send some thoughts my way!

I love to hear from you!

Hoping your year was truly wonderful and blessed.
Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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Homemade Peppermint Mocha

It’s that time of year again where Peppermint Mochas are in season! And although going to a local coffee shop is fun (definitely one of my favorite things to do!), you can make your own Homemade Peppermint Mocha right in your own home!

Homemade Peppermint Mocha - Simple, creamy and delicious homemade peppermint mocha that's perfect for any winter day! A favorite holiday drink! http://thelittlemomma.com

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Nourishing Plates

Friends, I have a new series that I’ll be sharing soon called Nourishing Plates, but I’ll need your help!

Nourishing Plates - A series on how food nourishes your body in more ways than one. Through plates or fellowship, food nourishes the soul. http://thelittlemomma.com

I want to make, photograph, and share YOUR favorite recipes. A lot of the food we eat often tells a story. Whether it shares a precious memory with a dear friend or family member or it’s a simple coffee to catch up with someone, the food you share with those around you nourishes you in many ways.

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Banana Apple Green Smoothie

Helloooo Banana Apple Green Smoothie!! Green Smoothies are essential to our day, especially when trying to get in those extra greens.

Banana Apple Green Smoothie - Healthy green smoothie packed with superfoods. Easy yet delicious smoothie perfect for breakfast or snack! http://thelittlemomma.com

Let’s be honest… sometimes it’s hard to get in that serving of greens everyday. Maybe you don’t like them or you just don’t make the effort to get them in. Well, I’m right there with you.

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Italian Sausage Vegetable Bean Stew

Soups and stews are such a comfort food when cooler weather arrives. And a good hearty stew like this Italian Sausage Vegetable Bean Stew is one of my favorite go-tos. It’s delicious, savory,  and hearty and just makes your heart happy and your belly glad!

Italian Sausage Vegetable Bean Stew - Hearty stew filled with protein, vegetables, and deliciousness. Easy recipe to warm your heart and belly! http://thelittlemomma.com

It doesn’t take too long to make. This is not your ordinary soup with tons of broth and a small amount of vegetables. No, friends, this soup is packed with protein, vegetables, and all around yumminess.

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